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About us

Welcome to Yearn Chemicals. Yearn Chemicals is a leading chemical supplier from Asia, with more than 20 years industries experience, we have been
concentrating in agrochemical, textile, fungicide, water treatment and food additive business. After a solid development, we have our own factory located
in Zhejiang province, which produces PVP series products mainly. In recent years, our PVP capacity has been doubled.Based on the stable production
line, Young and diverse team, professional tech support, we have supplied high quality products to more than 20 countries.
On PVP, we mainly produce K30, K60, K90, for industrial grade, cosmetic grade, and pharmaceutical grade. We dedicate to provide good quality PVP
series products to our customers around the world.
For food additive, we produce PVPP, which can be used in the beer brewing, we have collaborated with well-know beer factory within China already.
In new energy and semiconductor industry, we have great source for Lithium series products and started long term and solid collaboration with some well-know
factories, especially in the Lithium grease industries and lithium batteries.
For the trade segment, we will continue to source for our multinational customers based on their requirements for each product they need.
Yearn Chemicals, to create values.

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